2003The Idea

The idea for The Bridge Academy began in the spring of 2003 by a group of parents, educators, and community members in response to the lack of an educational program specifically designed for students with language-based learning disabilities. Our founding trustees were parents of these children in need and personally sacrificed their finances and time to create a school that addressed the unique needs of children with learning differences.

2003Student Population 45

The Bridge Academy opened its doors on September 15, 2003, with a student population of nine! Shortly thereafter the school received approval from the NJ State Department of Education allowing more students and families to benefit from its services. As a result, by the end of its first year, the student population grew to 45.

2006Student Population 60

Three years later, the number of professional staff continued to grow and the student population reached 60 students. The Bridge Academy’s debt was eliminated and it continued to enjoy the kind of working relationships within the organization where teachers, staff, parents and the Board of Trustees worked collaboratively to create a professional, caring and supportive environment to help children meet their fullest potential.


In 2010, we received accreditation from the Orton-Gillingham Educators and Practitioners, making The Bridge Academy the only school in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Delaware that is accredited in the Orton-Gillingham approach to instruction. Orton-Gillingham is a multi-sensory approach to instruction in language arts using visual, auditory, tactile and kinesthetic approaches to teaching.


The Bridge Academy has continued to expand its student population and geographical reach with students coming to the school from over 30 school districts throughout the state of New Jersey and Bucks County, PA. Our next objective is to expand our physical space so we can help more students in need. The school has purchased property next door with the plans to renovate the current building and construct new classroom space.

“Opportunities abound at The Bridge: to go to college, to have a job, to grow a family, to bridge forward. Who said a dyslexic was not ‘normal’?”

-Bridge Alumna student